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Saint Birinus the Apostle of Wessex
Icons by the hand of Eadmund Dunstall inspired by illustrations of first millennium prayer books.

Taking up the Cross of Christ as it were a battle standard, thou didst set forth for the English lands, to wage war upon the ancient foe of mankind, O Birinus glorious in wonders; and, as a valiant champion of the Christian Faith, thou didst fight the good fight until the end. Wherefore, thou hast received the trophy of victory from the King of kings Whom thou didst serve. Entreat Him, O holy hierarch, that He save our souls.

Saint Birinus, known as the Apostle to the West Saxons, played a crucial role in the early spread of Christianity in England. He is celebrated for his missionary work in the 7th century, particularly among the West Saxons.

Saint Birinus pledged to Pope Honorius that he would spread the Christian faith in the furthest parts of England, a promise that led him to the kingdom of Wessex.

Saint Birinus baptizing King Cynegils of Wessex

He was welcomed by King Cynegils, who was baptized by Birinus in 635.

Birinus established his episcopal see at Dorchester-on-Thames and worked tirelessly to convert the local population to Christianity.

Saint Birinus is celebrated in Orthodox Church on December 3rd.